The Smartest Way To Unify Network Management

Servoyant is one of the industry's broadest and most capable network management platforms, unifying monitoring, management, automation, and reporting across accounts, device groups, device types, and applications. From a single console you can take care of just about anything with an IP address on it. Designed for service providers, vendors, and any IT organization with too much to do and not enough time to do it, Servoyant can become the extra "employees" you need and help you:
  • Reduce IT Costs
  • Easy, Rapid Deployment
  • Increase Workforce Productivity
  • Improve Network Efficiency
  • Enhance Network Security!
  • Each License Includes LogMeIn Pro

Remotely Monitor and Manage an Entire Network in Minutes!

With rapid deployment and customizable configurations, Servoyant unifies disparate network management and support tools into a single platform. Offered in Software as a Service (SaaS) or an appliance, the Servoyant solution can coexist on existing equipment, and dedicated hardware is not required. With a quick signup process, rapid deployment, provisioning templates and automated discovery, administrators can remotely manage and monitor an entire network in minutes.

it automationAutomated IT Management
Servoyant's automation capabilities simulate actions you would take as a technician.
server monitoringServer Monitoring
Real-time visibility into availability, utilization, response time and alerts for your critical servers.

Network MonitoringNetwork Monitoring Tools
Quickly identify, diagnose and prevent nagging network performance issues.
Firewall MonitoringFirewall Monitoring
Keep a close watch on firewall performance and potential issues to ensure systems are secure.

Desktop ManagementDesktop Management
Manage thousands of desktops and laptops from a central location and automate maintenance.
Application MonitoringApplication Monitoring
Make sure the applications that run your business are available and responsive.

Audit and InventoryAudit and Inventory
Perform automatic audits of all devices to collect, track, search and report on all asset information.
Patch ManagementPatch Management
Monitor and maintain patch status of servers, desktops, and laptops, regardless of location.

network reportingNetwork Reporting Tools
Dynamic dashboards with a rich web interface provide real-time views into network & device status.
Network DiscoveryNetwork Discovery
Automatically perform network discovery in minutes. Add new network deviceswith a few clicks.

network alertsAlerting
Servoyant implements multiple methods to improve accuracy and reduce noise.
Automated RemediationAutomated Remediation
Let Servoyant solve problems for you, automatically, based on resolution procedures you define.

Remote AccessRemote Access
Resolve end-user issues quickly and easily through a direct remote control connection.
PSA IntegrationPSA Integration
Link Servoyant to your PSA system in order to create a complete management ecosystem.

Configuration ManagementConfiguration Management
Use Servoyant to backup, store and compare configurations.
Firewall-friendly AgentFirewall-Friendly Agent
A multi-platform, compact and efficient monitoring and management agent.

Please note that while some of our systems are listed as "Managed Services Optimized" all of TrinWare's offerings are available under "Hardware as a Service" rental or lease agreements.
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