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From Left To Right: Dan Cashman, Mark Sanders, Brandon Andrew, Mike Andrew, Dan Almanza, Cobey Boyce, Eric Burns, Forrest Beadle, Angela Geyer, Houston C. Jones II, Derek McAdams, Mike Kapler, Nate Varney, Mike Nash, Tim Moore.

Dan Cashman

President / CEO

Dan Cashman founded Trinware in 2004. With 15 years of previous experience in the multi-regional custom computer manufacturing and distribution marketplace, Dan's goal for Trinware is quite simple: "to be the premier National and International custom computer manufacturer based in the Rocky Mountain Region".
Trinware has experienced above average growth since their inception in 2004. Mr. Cashman believes this is due to the significant strength and market tenure of his staff. The combined industry experience at Trinware surpasses most organizations in today's computing environment.

Our Exceptional Staff

Mike Andrew

Tim Moore

Derek McAdams

Nate Varney

Mike Kapler

Mark Sanders